Results Retail Area
Achievements of our scenting solutions at the point of sale

1. Change of retention period and path in food retail store 

  • During the scenting period, 63% of the consumers thought that they had stayed a shorter period on site.

  • Whereas the study showed that in fact, the actual retention period had increased.

without scent

with scent

2. Study TNS Market Research Institute - Food stores

  • Customer loyalty was 25% higher in the scented food stores than the European-wide benchmark in retail. Consumer experience results from four vital factors: Overall evaluation of point of sale, recommendation rate, repeat purchase intention, advantage compared to other food stores.

3. Change of customer impression and impulse buying rate

4. Scenting Coffee Machines

  • The amount of coffee consumed rose by plus 9% in relation to the daily average

  • Up to 62% increase in the customer flow surrounding the vending machine

  • The average retention period (per day) increased by up to 25%

  • The number of heavy users shot up from 27% to 54%

  • The number of regular customers who buy a coffee daily rose by 10%

regular ambience

scented ambience

Achievements of our sound solutions at the Point of Sale

5. Change of customer impression and impulse buying rate - Sound design

Results service sector

6. Improvements in bank sector 

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